Monday, February 15, 2010

Organiser - TogadiaSpeak - The UPA Food Minister talking up milk prices too !

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    • TogadiaSpeak
    • The UPA Food Minister talking up milk prices too !
    • By Dr Pravin Togadia
    • This is the same nation that enjoyed Green Revolution. (Now politicians are busy creating another ‘green’ revolution that is ‘green flag’ revolution for vote bank!)
    • When Muslim children pay less in schools and colleges, get admissions on priority, Muslims get subsidy for Haj, Muslims are promised even bank loans with lower interest, the largest group of Hindu lower middle class and middle class is forced to subsidise these extra costly favours showered on Muslims for vote banks and some of the hikes are made to benefit those politicians who hand in hand with black marketers run a parallel trade of over-stocking and then jacking up the price, the common man gets angry.

      But if today’s thick skinned politicians can’t see the pain in the eyes of the lower middle class and middle class housewives, mothers and parents while children crave for milk and they can’t afford it, then the politicians are making a big blunder of taking this large group of Hindu lower middle class and middle class for granted.

      This class keeps its eyes and ears open to the fact. It is truth loving. And now this largest group of Bharat knows the truth that their children and old parents are being sacrificed under the burden of artificially jacked-up prices of food. This big mass will hit the streets any moment if this price hike continues. Then there will be no looking back for all those politicians and food and milk sugar barons and all the governments and politicians who, knowing fully well the truth, are manipulating the situation.
    • The common man knows it all. He may not be able to speak profoundly on the French Revolution but he is now all set to vent his anger. Nobody can tell this large group of lower middle class and middle class to do democratic agitation because their faith in the very system has withered away by seeing pain in the eyes of their deprived families. And they will not even allow any political party to misuse their anger for votes.

      Some may ask, what is the solution? Usually being a part of the Sangh Parivar, we all would have suggested a few solutions. But no more. We all know the power of Hindu lower middle class and middle class. It would be better for those who created this price hike to wake up soon or be ready to fact uncontrollable public wrath. Perhaps the third world war can be on the issue of food, milk and water. And if not war, then an unprecedented public revolution is sure on cards-we all are feeling the pulse of the common man!


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