Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 things you should read about 26/11 verdict: Rediff.com India News

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    • The verdict in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks [ Images ] case was extraordinary in many ways. Sheela Bhatt lists the 10 most important things to understand about the judgment.
    • Second, the 26/11 attacks have not divided India. And that is an achievement. As Rehana Bastiwala, a Mumbai-based journalist, said, "Pakistan should get the message clear unlike the 1993 serial Mumbai blasts that divided Indian society; the 2008 terror attacks united India."
    • Fourth, Judge Tahilyani has for some reason not taken into account American terror suspect David Headley's [ Images ] emergence in the Mumbai attacks case. His 1,500-page verdict has missed out the entire Headley saga.

      Ujjwal Nikam, the public prosecutor, told reporters that no instruction to include Headley in the case came from the central government. This makes the entire case incomplete because the investigation into Headley was not produced in court by the Mumbai police which had fresh material on hand.

    • Eighth, India has limited reasons to rejoice that Judge Tahilyani declared Kasab guilty. His mentors and the devious minds in Pakistan's establishment, who probably worked behind the scenes in facilitating the Mumbai attacks, are not going to be affected by the trial. They care a damn for it.

      The judge has relied heavily on Kasab's statement -- which he later retracted. Beyond his statement, not much has been found by the investigation agencies to fix Kasab's mentors in Pakistan.

    • The judgment in Mumbai lacks better evidence against Kasab's mentors because India does not have the desired access to Headley.
    • America needs to play a fair game with India and be sincere in supporting global war on terrorism.

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