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Haindava Keralam - Interview with Dr Subramanian Swamy

    • What all are the Internal threats faced by our Nation now?

      A: Our main internal threat is a lack of identity. We should make everyone accept that being Indian does not mean just holding an Indian Passport. Indians should also accept that we are either Hindus or descendents of Hindus which Indian Muslims and Christians are. Hence India is Hindustan. All other threats come from the lack of identity. We should foster development Sanskrit as our national language since every Indian language has a large number of Sanskrit words.

      Hindus are increasingly becoming religious and attend Hindu Temples, Festivals and spiritual camps. How can we politicize Hindus and make them strong nationalists?

      A: By being sincere, and credibly promise that if elected to office, not to betray the people by trying to implement the election commitments.

      Can you elaborate on your association with Sangh Pariwar on various National Issues? Your take on the Ram Sethu and Ayodhya issue.

      A: Although I am not a formal member of RSS I have worked very closely with RSS, especially with the good wishes of Guruji, Madhav Rao Mulay, Nanaji Deshmukh, Dattopant Thengadi, and recently Sudharshanji. From the very beginning I believed Hindutva is the only cement with which we can build a modern strong India. Even when I was campaigning against Vajpayee I worked for re-opening of Kailash & Manasarovar, making the Session Judge Pande, who ordered the locks of the former Babri masjid to be opened to allow puja inside, as High Court judge, and also worked to finding a solution as Law Minister to the Ram temple issue. So Ram Setu etc is just contunuation of same thinking. 

      You are also an expert in Indo- China relations and Indo- Israel relations - Can you please elaborate on both according to current scenario?

      A: China is our neighbour, and Israel is our tested friend in times of need. Hence, we have to befriend both. China has to be managed without sacrificing our national interests, and not as Nehru foolishly did. Israel only needs our love and commitment that we will never let the Arabs over-run it. It is a land of 6 m illion Jews surrounded by 125 million Muslims.
    • Whether you think Hindu organisations are not effectively using our Judiciary to protect Dharma? If yes - What is your advice

      A: Obviously not,  because they have not fought, or fought and won, for any of the Hindu causes in court. That is why with the concurrence of RSS and VHP leaders, the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha has set up a legal cell--- under my convenorship.

      Nationalists in Kerala are grateful for your timely intervention to nip Islamic Banking from its bud itself in Kerala, What Is your advice to Kerala Hindu Society on dealing with such Anti National practices aimed at Minority appeasement?

      A: Kerala Hindu society should be aggressive and united as in the Devasom Board issue, and be non-aligned between Communists and Congress. Which means in elections, united Hindus can align with either for seats adjustments.
    • Being a Former Law Minister, Have you ever thought of introducing common civil code and scrapping Article 370 ?

      A: I did and prepared the papers, but our government fell in 1991. When Jayalalitha proposed my name for Minister in Vajpayee's government I was planning to complete the process, but Vajpayee refused to induct me so it remains incomplete.

      How could Hindu Organizations be more politically active and undertake result oriented action strategies?

      A: Of course they must. That is why the HDAS has also formed a Hindu Parliamentary Forum and asked me to help form it. Hindu organisations must strive to build a Hindu vote bank which will make every party try to appease Hindus.

      Do you think that there is a strong anti-Hindu lobby at work in Indian Media ?

      A: It's more a pro-careerist selfish lobby which is afraid of an anti-Hindu government. This lobby will change its tune if a pro-Hindu govt comes to power.

      Why Hindu organizations not interested in starting a national media and television station?

      A: Send Rs 10 crores per year to me for three years. I will return it over five years. If you cannot arrange it, then you have answered your own question.

      Your message to HK readers

      A: Propagate our identity, learn Sanskrit and be ready to fight back.
    • I don't see why hindu organizations can't have one!RSS,VHP,BJP, Shiv Sena and numerous other Hindu organizations and Mutts together can start a channel together, each getting their own time-slots to telecast their own programmes, show-casing their service activities, holding aloft the banner of Hinduism.
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