Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sowing Seeds of Thought: Muslims just don't wanna have fun!!!!

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    • If you read between the lines, the Deobandh fatwa is asking for separate office space and seating arrangements for women employees to be made available in offices. Very soon if some women muslim gets a job in an office her parents, relatives and local muslim organisation will land up at the office premises demanding a separate office space, don't be surprised it will happen very soon. This is how muslims impose their religion on others. Soon they will ask separate driving lanes for muslim women. Demand that a normal cop cannot stop a muslim women driver, only a muslim women cop can challan or stop a muslim women driver. Only a muslim women can teach to muslims girls in schools, muslims should buy groceries only from muslim shops and products made by muslims. These demands can go on and on and on till they will just carve out a separate society for themselves parallel to ours and thats the end objective in any case.

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