Friday, May 28, 2010

Scientific Findings of Asaram Bapu's Aura

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    • Although the human aura has long been considered a psychic phenomenon visible only to gifted sensitives, certain scientists have maintained that the aura is an objective reality and that such a radiation around human beings varies in different states of the individual's health and condition. Recent developments including Kirlian technique are being widely used for medical diagnosis.
    • This field of analysis is also being conducted under bio medical research in India as well one such instance is MIT Pune which actively organises such research.
    • Dr Hira Tapadia is a subject matter expert in this domain. He learnt this skill from Master Lobang of Tibet for about six years and has experience of over a decade in applying this skill in research and analysis. Dr Tapadia is first person in India to acquire ISO 9001 Certification for this Skill. He has conducted over seven lakhs analysis of aura and thousands of them were performed on well known saints, sages and celebrities. Dr Tapadia also performed aura analysis of Asaram Bapu. Dr Tapadia explains Asaram Bapu has unique aura which usually spans to three meters and is capable to stretch to over 50 to 60 feet when interacting with others. He further explains while others have capability to absorb others positive energy, Asaram Bapu has unique capability to absorb other’s negative energy and give positive energy from distance.

      Human Body consists of seven chakras, Dr Tapadia explains so far he has never been able to find 100 per cent development of Sahasrar Chakra and Muladhar chakra in anyone’s aura, but Asaram Bapu has these chakras fully developed to 100 per cent.
    • Additional experiments have also been conducted on disciples to see the impact of meditation and chanting on energy around the human body. This demonstrates increase that positive energy of an individual during such mediation and that aura of an individual has an impact on the environment and people around them.

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