Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jihadi Romeo and Love Jihad

Jihadi Romeo and Love Jihad: "Dharamveer

The Sydney
gang rapes, committed by groups of muslim men upon Australian women, are still fresh in memory. The men taunted the women while raping them, saying that the women "deserved it" because they were not covered and staying at home as Islam commands women to do. Now this phenomenon, already so pronounced with small muslim populations (The 2001 census showed the UK had 1.5 million muslims), evolves into something even more sinister as the muslim population rises. Women are kidnapped (they simply vanish in the vast network of "Islamic centers"), used to commit terrorist acts, and so on. Let us look at some such incidents in India in the past few months. First, a bit of historical and theological background.The very first accounts of the muslim invasions of India, by Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712AD, talk in some detail about the women captured and sexually enslaved. Indeed, it is described as one of the major accomplishments of the subjugation of the Hindus



The collective consciousness of Hindus has since those days known that Hindu women are targets of muslim men. At a psychological level, one may explain it thus: Islam covers its women in burkhas, and keeps them at home. Therefore, the freer Kafir woman becomes an object of lust in the mind of the muslim man. This is a fair explanation. However, there is another explanation that is more rooted in Islamic theology. You see, when Muhammad formulated his doctrine of permanent Jihad upon Kafirs, the carrot he dangled to his soldiers was "war booty." This meant the wealth and women of defeated Kafirs. Muhammed himself took a fifth of this war booty (known in arabic as "Khams") and distributed the rest among muslims. Read here for a Hadith describing the fate of captured Kafir women in the presence of Muhammad.

Back to today - the culture of sexual conquest of Kafir women is quite deeply ingrained in many Islamic societies that live alongside Kafir populations. In the Indian state of Kerala recently there have been a spate of suicides of Hindu girls who were trapped by Jihadi muslim romeos and then raped. Kerala has a Muslim population upwards of 25%, and large parts of the state are muslim majority. The Hindus form the majority, at about 45%, and there are about 25% Christians. Here are two recent reports from Kerala which reveal the modus operandi of what some have begun calling "The Jihadi Romeo":