Sunday, February 27, 2011


People undermine the evilness of Muslims. It is unbelievable. These people are devil incarnate -Ali Sina

Politically correct main stream news media did not give details of the rape and just called it sexual assault for the fear that details may offend Muslims. The fools do not know that the Egyptian Muslims were doing what our prophet did after every Jihadi raid and reading the details is like reading Sahih Bukhari Hadiths . Here are the actual details of the incident as reported by Muslim media based on videos taken on cell phones.

- A bearded Muslim was the first one who got the ball rolling . He ripped the top off the (well endowed) reporter to expose her breasts and began clawing them with both his hands. He then pinned her to the ground, removed her pants pulled out his (circumcised) penis and raped her vaginally (what Allah allowed Muslims in ayas 4.3, 4.24, 23.6, 33.50 and 70.30 and what our Prohet did to Safia, Juavaria, Rehana and hundreds of other Kafiras after capturing them)
-After he was done , at least six more Muslims followed him and raped her vaginally while a number of other men raped her anally ( anal sex is allowed in Islam ; Quran says Muslim men an approach their women in any way they desired).
-Some men fondled her breasts while other were raping her ( to gain Allah’s blessings).

-Many men watching the action masterbated on her . (we pray that Allah give them partial credits )
- Some men urinated on her.
- The men were shouting “jew jew” and “Allah u Akbar”..
- The onlookers included women and policemen.

-. Reporter’s breasts were bitten and one of the nipple was bitten off (left)
- One report claims that upto 50 men were involved in the rape/fondling ..


Although Mo’mins (Muslim Believers) of Egypt tried to do to a reporter what our prophet did to his captured women, their actions fell way short of the standards our Prophet set for all Muslim ( 33.21:prophet is your role model).
- Mo’mins (Muslim Believer) raped Laura for an hour and then let her be freed while Prophet claimed the owner ship of all his captured women.

- Mo’mins (Muslim Believer) did not kill any relative of Laura. Prophet Mohammad often killed all male relatives of his victims .
-Laura was 39 year old. In his hey days Prophet would not touch a 39 year old captured woman with a ten foot pole let alone with his six-incher. Prophet was very selective in his choice of captured women. He liked very young meat. Judging from his fondness of sexual activities with 6 year old Aisha , one can safely say that he always chose very young girls as part of his booty.

FFI Editors addendum

Our hearts go out to this young lady. We feel her pains. We wish her best, and hope her journey of recovery will be kind and fast. Make no doubt about it readers: Islam is the culprit. It is the system of belief that produces monsters out of otherwise human beings. Ali Sina got it right when he said: “People undermine the evilness of Muslims. It is unbelievable. These people are devil incarnate.”