Monday, March 7, 2011

The Pioneer :: Home : >> At JNU Arundhati renews offensive against India

The Pioneer :: Home : >> At JNU Arundhati renews offensive against India

Author Arundhati Roy has again created controversy by attending a function where the National Emblem was put to disrespect. According to reports, the Maoist sympathiser attended a function organised by the banned Democratic Students’ Union at Jawaharlal Nehru University campus on Saturday night, where pamphlets showing Lion Capital (the National Emblem) as part of a shoe’s sole were distributed.

The same organisation is known to have carried out macabre celebrations at the JNU campus about six months ago when 75 odd CRPF jawans were killed by Maoists in Chhattisgarh.

Roy was in JNU to address a seminar on ‘War on People’. The Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) protested against this.

At the seminar, Roy said the State was waging a battle against the people — be it in Jammu & Kashmir or Chhattisgarh. Justifying anti-national movements in the two States, she said, “Killing of security forces was justified as they were being used against the people by the State.”

This led to protests at Koyna Hostel from a section of students belonging to the ABVP, who objected to the author equating the subversive moment in Kashmir and Maoist activity in Chhattisgarh with a people’s struggle for freedom.

ABVP members at JNU said they would submit a memorandum to Vice-Chancellor SK Sopory on Monday, demanding the banning of DSU and other ‘anti-national activities’ on campus. ABVP is also planning to register an FIR against those who have published the ‘disrespectful pamphlets’.

JNU chief security officer Major Pradeep Kumar Sangwan said, “There was no fight but ABVP students had staged a protest against the DSU’s public meeting function late on Saturday night, in which Arundhati Roy was also called as a speaker.”

Roy had earlier given an anti-national hate speech at the LTG auditorium near Mandi House on October 21, 2010, saying, “Jhootha nanga Hindustan, jaan se pyara Pakistan.” Police registered sedition charges against her only after the court’s intervention.

JNU Registrar Professor VK Jain said, “There was a small fight on Saturday between a few students but everything is alright.”

ABVP members at JNU campus on Sunday said they had boycotted the function as well as Roy on Saturday because they were totally against any anti-national activity or any anti-national elements on campus.

JNU ABVP joint secretary Abhinandan Verma said, “We boycotted DSU’s public meeting because they were trying to bring down the values of our nation. They were distributing pamphlets showing our National Emblem as part of a shoe’s sole. This is totally unbearable.”

Verma added, “Our former Vice-Chancellor had also banned DSU about six months ago. I wonder how this group has been reactivated and with whose permission?”

Vivek Vishal, another ABVP member, said, “Another major reason for boycotting the programme was because of the presence of Roy. We do not agree with her anti-national views and her infamous remarks on Kashmir. We showed her the black flag.”

Sources at JNU said Roy had to leave the programme much before the stipulated time because of the opposition she faced. Verma said, “Roy was unable to answer our questions. She got so irritated that she went to the extent of saying, ‘You are young, so you are stupid’.”