Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anti-Hindu 'Karnataka Hindu Religious Charitable Endowments Bill 2011' passed in Assembly

Anti-Hindu 'Karnataka Hindu Religious Charitable Endowments Bill 2011' passed in Assembly:

Ultimately, BJP led State Government of Karnataka has come out successful in securing the approval of the both houses of the legislature to the long aspired Karnataka Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Bill 2011.

Devout Hindus should protest lawfully on following Contact Details:

1. Governor Fax No. : +91 80 22258150,
2. Karnataka CM Tel. No: +91 80 22253414,
3. Mujarai Minister, Dr. V. S, Acharya, Mobile: +91 9448120639,
Tel No : +91 80 22252536
4. Home Minister, R. Ashok, Tel No : +91 98440123,
5. Law Minister, Sri. Suresh Kumar, Tel No : +91 80 22253631
Mobile No: +91 9844031940

On receiving the assent of the Governor, it will become an ‘Act’ and come into effect with relevant ‘Rules’.

A detailed study of the Bill shows that it will be fatal to the interests of the Hindus in general and the Hindu Dharmik Institutions in particular.

1. While presenting the Bill with a view to bring certain amendments to the Karnataka Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act 1997 (which was struck down by the Hon High court), the State Government appears to have intentionally presented only the proposed amendments so that nobody could easily understand the contents of the Bill which would be a boon to the State Government later. The State Government has thus kept the public including the members of the State Legislature in dark for political gain.


The bill has prescribed seven disqualifications (gambling, drinking, consuming intoxicating drugs, smoking, immoral traffic in women, stealing and cheating) for priests, which have not been made it applicable to the members of the State and Zilla Dharmik Parishads and the members of the Managing committees of the temples !

The State Government intends to frame laws for the managements of Hindu Dharmik institutions only, while the Management of institutions of other religions have been left in the hands of their own religious heads. This has created discrimination between the different religions, and is thus bad in law.

Totally, it may be concluded that the BJP led Karnataka State Government have come forward to takeover all the rich Hindu temples and institutions, keeping an eye on the valuable movable and immovable properties, rich jewelry and ornaments and perennial source of money coming from devotees in the form of donations, offerings and seva, but not with an intention to improve the present condition of temples, and thereby for the upliftment of Sanatan Dharma. The indifferent attitude of the Police to detect cases of burglary in temples, smashing of idols of Gods and Goddesses here and there every now and then, desanctifying temples and punishing the miscreants, proves this.

Thus, it is the utmost bounden duty of every Hindu to oppose this Bill and see that this Bill will not come into effect by way of a statute.
Please Protest through email, Fax, Telephone etc. and save Hindu Temples.