Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Interview with Nisha Singh

An Interview with Nisha Singh: "

Dear Friends: Many of you reading this must have already heard of Nisha Singh, a fresh, young candidate who is contesting the upcoming Municipal Elections in Guragon . I first heard about her on a facebook post, courtesy my friend Alok Mittal. I t hen realised that she and I shared something else in common (other than a shared passion to work for “good, clean politics” in India) – we were both alums of the London Business School (now ranked #1 worldwide for its MBA!) I was impressed by her clarity of thought and purpose and I reached out to her a few months ago requesting an interview for the blog…She was gracious enough to take time out from her pretty hectic campaigning to respond to these questions. Without further ado, read Nisha’s thoughts and perspectives on some of the *live* issues we are facing today..

Please share this with your friends and relatives in Gurgaon – more importantly, please ask them to vote for and support Nisha in whatever way they can…Nisha is one of the pioneers in the movement to cleanse politics in India – and a very deserving candidate for the elections in Guragon. Let us try and make sure she wins..Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!