Wednesday, May 18, 2011

UP Police has arrested the Jain Monk in deep night at 2 am


In an effort to register his protest against Uttar Pradesh government’s move to set up 8 modern slaughter houses in the state, Jain Muni Shri Maitri PrabhSagarji Maharaj has been on fast-unto-death since 26th April 2011, even after 17 days of his fast UP’s Govt has not shown any positive response.

The peaceful movement was keeping the police and UP Govt on their toes and UP’s chief minister has lost his sleeps as the movement was getting massive support from all walks of life from across the country and from countries like England and USA.

Meerut Bandh on 10th May was successful beyond UP Govt’s imagination and finally the govt decided to disrupt the movement by hook and crook and ordered the city police to arrest the Honourable Jain Monk on his 17th day of fast unto death at 2 am along with more than 100 supporters, nobody knows where they have kept Munishri.



Jay Bhagwan Goyal head Rashtravadi Jain Manch recalled how the UP police hurt the religious sentiments of Jains while forcibly admitting the fasting monk to a hospital.

“Jain monks don’t use vehicles whereas Prabhu Sagar was taken into a vehicle after his arrest. Not only this, he was given glucose forcibly in the evening,” Goyal said.

The Rashtravadi Jain Manch also announced that a foot march would be held on Thursday from India Gate to Rajghat to protest the police action.