Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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At a time when the brazenly corrupt Congress led UPA government at the Centre has shocked the nation with its unmatched record in corruption, Modi has zealously protected his image as an incorruptible leader, while also showing zero tolerance for corruption in his governance. While Modi’s personal integrity remains unquestioned, even his worst political rivals and critics concede that he has been able to provide a corruption-free government in Gujarat.

The change in U.S. administration’s view towards Narendra Modi which denied a visa to him in 2005 is a case in point. In a cable dated November 2, 2006 (84043: confidential), the Consul General in Mumbai, Michael S. Owen wrote, “Modi has successfully branded himself as a non-corrupt, effective administrator, as a facilitator of business…and as a no-nonsense, law-and-order politician…”

Incidentally, Modi is the only political figure anywhere in the world that WikiLeaks cables from the U.S. diplomatic establishment have shown in a positive light.

Under Narendra Modi, Gujarat has made rapid strides in development over the past decade. Go to any part of Gujarat and I bet you will see huge development works underway. Anna Hazare knew full well what is happening in Gujarat when he praised Modi for his leadership. 

Critics are quick to point out the religious divide in Gujarat and how post-2002 riots, Muslims live constantly in fear. All this is bunkum and motivated propaganda by vested interests. In most parts of the state, Hindus and muslims are living in perfect harmony and there is not an iota of discrimination.

Law and order situation in Gujarat is the best you can obtain anywhere in the country today. In a state that had witnessed periodic communal disturbances under the Congress rule, Gujarat had been remarkably peaceful over the last decade. There has not been a single incident or a day of curfew in Gujarat since 2002. Can any Congress ruled state match that record? Evidently, what goes on in the name of communal tension in Gujarat is propaganda unleashed by vested interests and there is absolutely no basis for such assessment.

Modi On a Roll in Gujarat

Such is the fast pace of development in Gujarat that people of the state have no doubt in their minds that Narendra Modi will get a bigger mandate in 2012 assembly elections. The Congress party gloating over a narrow victory in Gandhinagar corporation elections is unlikely to get any cheer in the next year’s assembly elections. As things stand now, the Congress party will be fortunate to win half the number of 59 seats it won in 2007 assembly elections and may end up with below 30 seats in 2012 polls.

Congress’s Evil Designs

As Modi’s reputation of integrity is impeccable, it has put into operation a sinister plan to implicate Modi in a plethora of cases involving killing of Sohrabuddin and other incidents. To ensure success of this strategy, the UPA government is firing all cylinders by subverting various institutions, supplementing efforts of bogus NGOs, muzzling voices of support for Modi and managing media to sharpen its attacks.

Whoever has crafted this strategy for the Congress party has not learnt lessons from its past mistakes. Narendra Modi has emerged stronger from every attempt that the Congress party has made to destroy him. The present effort to implicate Modi by dubious means will be no exception.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake,” said Napoleon Bonaparte. “Never interrupt your opponent when he's destroying himself”, said Paul Begala, a political commentator. The Congress party is in a self destruct mode in targeting Narendra Modi. It must be allowed to fulfill its death wish.

G.V.L. Narasimha Rao is a well known poll analyst.