Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Casteism among Hindus ceases to exist

Casteism among Hindus ceases to exist: "

Whenever there is any talk regarding Hindu society, the first and foremost issue arresting us is VarnaShrama, seen as basics behind the promotion of alleged inhuman caste-system among Hindus. However, it’s no longer a secret that such procedure exists among so-called socialistic religions like Christianity and Islam too.

Nevertheless, recent studies, under eminent researchers and organizations, depict Brahmins no longer enjoys any predominant position but have turned into ruined entity. Casteism has lost its essence, hence.

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Anti-Brahminism originated in, and still prospers in anti-Hindu circles. It is particularly welcome among Marxists, missionaries, Muslims, separatists and Christian-backed Dalit movements of different hues. When they attack Brahmins, their target is unmistakably Hinduism. So the question has to be asked: are the Brahmins (and other upper castes) of yesterday becoming the Dalits of today?