Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holy Smoke And Mirrors - The Outlook

Holy Smoke And Mirrors - The Outlook: "Hindu Media Watch

The Writer claiming to be a ‘rationalist' tries to suggest that Hindus are in the iron grip of ‘swamis, gurus, yogis, babas, acharyas, bhagwans, astrologers, palmists, numerologists and faith healers'. Questioning the power of Sathya Sai Baba to perform miracles, he cites a number of other Hindu saints and seers as having defrauded the gullible masses and cheated them for their faith in them. The Writer completely ignores the practice of miracles and belief in supernatural in traditions other than Hindu. He maintains a studied silence on Quran and Bible and related traditions pertaining to Islam and Christianity which are based on blind faith. He even wrongly quotes Baba Ramdeo as having claimed to heal cancer of the intellectual import of the speeches of Shri Rajnish. It seems that he deliberately chooses to remain ignorant of the Sufis and missionaries who practice miracle for gaining converts to attack the Hindus for their faith in their Gurus