Sunday, June 5, 2011

Original Post: Baba Ramdev

Kanchi seer arrested during a midnight commando action,
baba Ramdev also arrested during midnight?
Anyone remember how madani was arrested!

CONgress Govt took 1 yr to arrest kalmadi,
3 yrs to arrest Raja.
Just 1 day to arrest Ramdev
who is fighting against corruption.

Arundhati Roy in Delhi can speak "Divide India, Attack India",
But Ramdev cannot demand to get back black money.
R we Free?

The government has converted a 'yoga-guru'
in to a Minister (Thug) overnight by government
by providing a chartered plane to evict him out of delhi?.

Digvijay singh calling Ramdev a thug
is like Manmohan Singh telling someone he lacks a spinal cord.

CONgress feeds chicken biryani to kasab, and
tear gas & lathi charge to Baba Ramdev
when he protests peacefully?
President must come to act now.
UPA Govt should be dissolved.
Election to be announced.