Monday, June 6, 2011

Ravanlila at Ramlila grounds, Baba Ramdev's voice gaged by Italian Doll.

Ravanlila at Ramlila grounds, Baba Ramdev's voice gaged by Italian Doll.: "

4th June 1989 armed forces barbarity at Tianmen Square , China
4th June 2011 police forces brutality at Ramlila Garden , India

When an Muslim was arrested in Australia over Terror charges our noble PM MM Singh shamelessly said that he lost his sleep over the fact that a Indian Muslim was harassed in foreign country . But I’am now sure PM MM Singh mite not have lost any sleep seeing thousands of Hindu women and children harassed in his own city . Yep, different feelings for Hindu’s and Muslim’s , still we call our country a Secular.

Islamic Sharukh Khan tries to belittle Baba Ramdev saying, Baba shud mind his own business & not talk about corruption. Sharukh Khan supports 2G Scamster Karim Morani but criticizes Hindu Swami Baba Ramdev. Really Funny. Does Elephant (Baba Ramdev) need a Dog's (Sharukh) push to move forward?? BTW: We Hindus made this Islamic JERK a Superstar. Now Repent Hindu's. Think MILLION times before you support a ISLAMIC jihadi, hereafter

India does not need enemies from outside , Sonia Gandhi is doing what Taliban did to Pakistan from inside . Where is Amul-Baby Rahul Gandhi who did ‘natak’ going to UP to console the farmers who were beaten by the police . Where is this Amul Baby hiding ? Have your say on the despotic act of your Mom. Why don’t you come out on to streets and apply balm to people . Your dynasty double standards are now exposed , get ready Amul-Baby , you and your Mom will be packed and sent to Italy . We Indians are better off with out your dynasty and be assured we Indians can take care of ourselves .

This kind of incident might not have happened even in failed country like Pakistan , seeing pictures on their TV channels , even ordinary Pakistanis mite be laughing at our Indian Democracy. Now India want to know why Sonia Gandhi want to kill Baba Ramdev in an police encounter . She is more infamous for her past life , her links with KGB and Opus-Dei shud be investigated. It was clever act by the police who set main stage on fire so that a stamped can happen and people die . In this confusion it hatched to execute the Baba Ramdev . Supreme Court shud intervene and investigate and Sonia Gandhi role shud be also investigated .

The insults heaped on Hindu Swami Ramdev Ji by Italian Doll regime, reminds me of the insult done to CHANAKYA in Pataliputra by Nanda rulers, the result was birth of heroic Chandragupta and thus Bharath Varsh was unified . Also, I remember how Lord Hanuman was insulted at Ravanasura's Lanka and the result was Lanka dahanam . History is now going to repeat the same and teach a lesson to 'Soorpanaka' Sonia Gandhi .