Monday, June 6, 2011



So here is my 10-point Hindu agenda to eliminate poverty and bring in abundance.

1. Poverty is not external: Poverty is within you. It is your inner attitude which reflects in outer poverty. If you always think negative. If you always see only the dark side of life, outer poverty is fait accompli. To attract abundance, you must have a rich attitude. The Hindu view is that the outer world is only a reflection of your inner self. So remember one thing, if you find yourself uncomfortable in the outer world, it only means that something is wrong with you somewhere inside. So, the solution is to correct the inner vision. That is why I keep stressing on Asthanga Yoga. Change your inner gestalt.

2. There is no scarcity: Poverty also depends on the mental attitude of scarcity. Remember, there is no scarcity. The world has got enough for our needs.. but not our greed. If there is global warming and pollution, the reason is human greed. If you can get your attitudes right, you can live in harmony with nature and comfortably too. Hindus rightly call this planet Mother Earth. She has everything and will give us everything provided we approach her with a harmonious mindset rather then an exploitative mindset (the hallmark of Muslims, Christians, Communists and Corporates).

3. Poverty is dirty : Another eminently dirty thought is the glorification of poverty. Don’t adore Mother Theresa. Never glorify or encourage poverty. Instead allow the poor to reform and change themselves. Blessed are the meek and the poor. My foot. Cursed are the poor. Never encourage poverty. Poverty is dirty. Can you show me even one clean slum. Can you show me a gracious pauper. No, the term itself is an oxymoron. Encourage the mental attitude of Samruddhi (abundance and harmony).

4. Hindus are not poor: The poverty is a result of colonial-Islamic access. Although, Hindus are equated with poverty, the fact is that we were exploited by the Muslims first, Colonialists later.. and even after independence, we were systematically exploited by the Congress. Put an end to this exploitation and bring back the Swiss Money.

5. Bring Back the money stuffed in Swiss Banks: Yes, Swiss Bank has nearly Rs. 40 lakh crores. Bring it back. I support Baba Ramdev here.

6. Do Yoga and clear your physical and mental blocks: As I said before poverty is more of a physical/mental block which can be cleared by Asthanga Yoga. I again support Gurus like Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravishankar. Each Hindu has to do Yoga. We have a larger mission of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam which won’t be possible with low energy levels and mental blocks.

6. Feel the Oneness and bring in the spirit of cooperation: This is the end result of Yoga. We breathe the same air and consume from the same source. We all share the same energy. In fact, there is only one Energy in this world.. and you may prefer to call it God. Once the attitude of oneness sets in, the spirit of cooperation begins and there will be SAMRUDDHI (harmony and abundance). That will be the end of Daridra Yoga (poverty) and the beginning of Laxmi Yoga (utopia).

7. If you still feel poverty is incorrigible, chant Laxmi Gayatri or Kanakadhara stotra: Your vibes will change: Om Mahalaxmi Vidmahe, vishnupriyaha dhimahi. Tanno Laxmi Prachodayat. Even the venerable Shankaracharya wrote the Kanakadhara stotra so that his devotees would never be starved of the good things in life.

8. Revive the Dharma Chatthras: During the good old days, the Kings used to run Dharma Chatthras for the weak and the old. The British closed it and it’s high time we renewed it. However, we should exercise caution that it should not be taken over by the sponge.

9. Mix technology with spirituality: That’s Swami Vivekananda’s message, not mine, although I agree wtih him.

10: If you still think that I am impractical, do Osho’s dynamic meditation. You have a lot of mental blocks. Osho’s spiritual materialism (Zorba the Buddha) is the way out.