Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Foundations of Fundamentalist Terrorism

Blasts will continue to happen until Islam and Islamic history are distinguished. Read snippets from Islamic history and find why those who glorify it will be either terrorists or their supporters. Must read for Muslims and non-Muslims.
Such attacks have become so rampant these days. And so used to have we become to proclaim that ‘Terrorism has no religion’ that we all tend to simply blank our minds on hearing such a news and switch the TV Channel to raunchy ‘Big Boss’ rather than feel the pain of those who were affected by the blast!

Why do only terrorists claiming allegiance to one particular religion are proud to announce ownership for their brutal acts? This shows that while others may carry attacks out of frustration or defense, these perverts are actually proud of such criminal acts.

Literally Islam means ‘submission’ but ‘Islam means Peace’ is the slogan of modern times propagated to restore image of Islam.

Islam has been hijacked and captured by those perverts who stand for barbarism, terrorism and fanaticism.

The ruling elite of Islam actually follow history of Islam instead of ‘Islam’. Thus they deliberately try to keep ordinary Muslim ignorant and uneducated. They needlessly glorify and dramatize Islamic history and their own versions of Islam texts so as to create a useful guinea-pig battalion of blind followers to be used as military tools.


And you can then imagine what would have been their barbarism on rest of the population. (We shall cite from Muslim historians themselves)

For example: Prophet Muhammad – founder of Islam – is alleged to be assassinated by his own wives – Aisha and Hafsa as per many scholars of Islam.

The summary is simple : When these false representatives of Islam could not be faithful to their own father, brothers, sisters and children, how can we expect them to be human enough to promote compassion among rest of Muslims and non-Muslims? And how can those who glorify such perverts conduct any other noble act apart from terrorism?

The lessons are clear:

a. Muslims should refuse to have any allegiance – emotional or historical – with their ruling elites and those who admire them. You can’t expect a worshipper of murderers to promote peace! A cockroach cannot give birth to an elephant!

b. Islam and Islamic history are two different things. Islamic history has nothing to do with peace and is only a saga of brutal bloodshed. We are being fooled to believe that Muslim rulers had anything to do with humanity, intellect, constructive activities etc. They were simply pythons eating even their own species.

c. We have only given examples of what they did with their family members. We have not delved into the other shameful aspects as glimpsed in deeds of Akbar, Babur and Tipu Sultan for example. Just imagine how disgusting their overall lives would have been!

d. Instead of taking pride in these butchers, Muslims should take pride in true heroes of the nation – Ram, Krishna, Hanuman, Shankaracharya, Pratap, the Sikh Gurus, Shivaji, Banda Bairagi etc etc who ensured that our country remains the foundation of all good things in the world. Because of our heroes, despite the claims of Muslims ruling India, the fact is that they were never able to fully dominate India and were constantly in fight with brave natives. Finally the butchers were destroyed but their supporters have emerged today in a new avatar of Terrorists/Mullahs/Scholars etc trying to continue keeping Muslims uneducated and torturing non-Muslims.

e. Muslims MUST rise up to reject their present and past mullahs and rulers completely. And Hindus should proactively rise up to embrace all these innocent Muslims back into their original destination – before the lineage of butchers from Muhammad Bin Qasim started invading India. After all they are sons and daughters of this great land and not originating from where these butchers originated. And their ancestors were forced to embrace Islam through such brutalities that one would shudder to imagine.

f. Muslims should also, accordingly, reject all those Hadiths and verse of Qurans that teach hatred against non-Muslims and were preached by these ruling-elites to further their own shameless political agendas. The test is simple – if the mullah or scholar – like Zakir Naik or Bukhari or whosoever – refuses to openly condemn these butchers who used Islam for political mileage in very clear terms, then they are frauds. Simply refuse to even listen to them. Throw their books in dustbin and burn their videos. They are simply being agents of the ruling elites trying to fool innocent Muslims for their most selfish interests and most damaging slaughter of Islam.

If people have indeed guts and love for nation, let them come to streets and force government to change the education system, change the appeasement policy, change the media policy, refuse to accept vulgar actors and actresses as role models and themselves rise above the nuisance that they want to fight against.