Friday, November 20, 2009

Director Vikram Bhatt's letter to Rahul Gandhi: India News

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    • Anguished by the reinstatement of RR Patil as Maharashtra [ Images ] home minister on the eve of the first anniversary of the 26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai [ Images ] -- following which Patil was asked to quit -- Bollywood director Vikram Bhatt [ Images ] wrote to Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi [ Images ], asking him to set things right. We present the letter below:
    Rahul Gandhi
    • I have nothing against R R Patil personally, and he might be the man for the job, but what has hurt me is the attitude behind all this political maneuvering. It goes to say that I am an idiot and what I feel is not important. He said something that hurt us deeply and then was asked to step down and then even before a year is gone he is back again and that means I am supposed to have a weak a memory and I am supposed to forget. It does not matter what I feel and what I have gone through to see my city scared, what matters is that I have been given a pat on the back and the tag of being resilient and R R Patil sits here as the symbol of the impotent rage of a Nation. R R Patil is the government's way of telling us, the citizens, that we and what we feel does not matter. We are cranky children that have to be given a candy when we are complaining to shut us up and then we will wipe our tears and toe the line obediently. It's sad.
    • We watch the balkanisation of our state with silence and we see the MNS play the Marathi card to get the better of the Shiv Sena [ Images ]. We see the violence at the swearing-in ceremony and we are embarrassed and we keep quiet.
    • Is democracy about living in fear? Is that what our forefathers fought the British for? Do you think there is any difference between a man who comes from out of the country to spread terror and the man who stays in this country and spreads terror? Terror is terror, no?
    • Love and Respect,