Friday, November 20, 2009

Why India cannot be an Asian power like China: India News

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    • strategic expert B Raman.
    • In geopolitical matters, there is no futuristic thinking in India. The quality of Indian thinking and analysis -- strategic and tactical -- is poor. What passes for analysis in India is just wishful-thinking.
    • Nobody in India has realised and brought out that for the first time the US, Japan [ Images ] and Australia [ Images ] have a leadership which does not rate highly India's potential as an emerging power.  There is less and less talk of Chindia. Even today, many in India are not aware that the new Japanese government is not as enthusiastic about India as the previous government was. There has been no exercise in India to analyse future scenarios in US-Japan relationship.

      Someone once said that power and influence are not given. They are taken. China has shown how to take it. India does not have the political will and courage to fight for it and take it. It is hoping that the US will give it.