Friday, November 13, 2009

Just what makes 'dreaded' Dawood so powerful - MSN India

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    • Dawood is Pak's No 1 spy

      A source from a local political party claims that a number of government undercover agents have switched their allegiances to him, and are now more loyal to him than the Pakistani government.

      According to sources, the reason Pakistan allows Dawood Ibrahim to reside in Pakistan and to continue his operations from there is because he is Pakistan's number one espionage agent, as his contacts in Mumbai and across India allows him to receive whatever information Pakistan wants. Allegedly, his network is so through; his men accompany Pakistani agents to the airports and scan passengers, identifying RAW agents. He is said to be in constant touch with his associates and is able to garner information at will for his Pakistani hosts.

      With such resources at his finger tips, and the ability to manipulate and control a government, it is easy so see why he is considered to be amongst the most powerful and feared men in the world.