Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mark of distinction

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    • Rajiv Vijayakar
    • Along with a legendary father in India’s first Grammy winner Pandit Vishwamohan Bhatt and a prodigy-in-waiting son Satvik, Salil Bhatt too is a force to reckon with. Inventing the unique Satvik Veena is just one of his many achievements of this passionate musician
    • What made you invent this unique Satvik Veena that looks like a blend of the guitar and the Veena?
      As I told you, music needs to evolve. My father invented the Mohan Veena to correct certain shortfalls in the traditional instruments. There are 19 strings in Satvik Veena, which is named after my son, whose name incidentally refers to Lord Shiva. The instrument was created after a lot of trial-and-error to improve upon the staccato notes that most instruments give. (Strums some strings). See how the sound is very lingering, thus resembling human vocal cords. I had the instrument designed eight years ago and got it right only on the tenth piece!