Thursday, November 19, 2009

Union of Catholic Asian News » Movement helps 'unbaptized' celebrate their faith

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    • By Nicholas Lakra
    • VARANASI, India
    • Nirmala Devi was born into a Hindu family but for the past seven years she has been a "Khrist Bakta" (Christ devotee).
    • Devi was among 15,000 people from various religions and castes who attended the annual convention of the "Khrist Bhakta" Movement at Varanasi, a Hindu temple town in the northern Uttar Pradesh state.
    • Father Anil Dev (left) preaching at the
      ‘Khrist Bhakta’ (Christ devotee) convention
    • The Varanasi-based Indian Missionary Society, a Catholic Religious congregation, started the movement 13 years ago. The movement aims to help people, who may face ostracism from society and family if they were to be baptized, live out their Christian beliefs as fully as possible.