Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why is Narendra Modi afraid of leading the BJP? -  MSN India

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    • Sources close to him say that his refusal was because of three main reasons. Firstly, he wishes to be present in Gujarat for the 'Swarnim Gujarat' celebrations in May 2010. Secondly, he feels that the rift between the BJP's leadership is too large for him to mend and that it will be beyond his control if he takes over and it intensifies.
    • Thirdly, and most decisively, are the restrictions such an appointment would make on his independence. Modi is famed for marching to his own beat, whether or not it is in tune with what the BJP wants. If elected, then his autonomy vanishes as he will need the consensus of all sections to operate efficiently, something that will be difficult, considering the notorious infighting prevalent throughout the BJP.

      Instead, Modi believes that being Leader of the Opposition would be a better prospect for him as he would have greater freedom to operate, and that it would allow him to implement greater control over the party's direction.

    • While Modi maybe biding his time, what is certain that factions of the BJP leadership is convinced that eventually he will be the public face of the BJP nationally and that he may even lead the nation as Prime Minister some day.
    • Source: Gavin Davids, India Syndicate