Sunday, December 27, 2009

Congress robs all Hindus 15 per cent of jobs and 15 per cent of college seats

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    • Violating the Constitution
    • Congress robs all Hindus 15 per cent of jobs and 15 per cent of college seats
    • By OP Gupta, IFS (Retd)
    • All serving Hindu officers should take note that the Commission has recommended reservation of 15 per cent of posts for religious minorities in all cadres and grades under the Central and State Governments. It means that from the date of its implementation 15 per cent posts in the grade of Secretary to Govt of India, and in all other grades of Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary etc. shall get reserved for minority officers which will retard career prospects of many Hindu Additional secretaries and may result into many Hindu officers getting forced to serve under their own junior minority religion officers. This would happen all over India whether school teachers, lecturers, constables, clerks, engineers, deputy collectors, inspectors of police, customs, income tax, PSU officials etc.

      So it is high time that all Hindu officials and all those Hindus who aspire to join public services should come out of their secular slumber and open their eyes to see that it is Congress aided and abetted by Communists and various parties that is going to harm their interests permanently and irreversibly.
    • The Misra Commission has made a false claim that Muslims are under represented in services. Supporters of Muslim reservation say that Muslims are about 13.5 per cent of population but in IAS etc their representation are much less at about four per cent. For getting into class one services one has to be a graduate. Vide its own table 3.6 Misra Commission reports that graduation percentage of Muslims is only 3.6

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