Sunday, December 27, 2009

Have a tryst with the mythical age in Orissa

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    • By Byomakesh Biswal
    • Come December, during the festival of Dhanu Yatra, small town Bargarh turns into an open-air stage with its denizens becoming actors and playing their part in the mythological drama of Lord Krishna’s visit to his uncle Kansa’s place, culminating in the killing of the demon king.
    • However, one aberration in the mythical drama is Kansa’s character. Unlike the demonic description in the mythology, this Kansa is a lovable character during this 11-day drama starting from Monday. He solves local problems, taking errant officials to task on the spot.
    • Hrusikesh Bhoi, who plays Kansa, said: “I love the adulation from the people despite playing the part of a demon. The local people apprise me of their problems. If anybody is found guilty, they are pulled up instantly and punished with fine. The officials are bound to obey my orders during these 11 days as I am the ruler of Bargarh.”
    • “On one occasion, former chief minister Biju Pattnaik was fined on this stage. A division revenue collector was also pulled up and fined 300,000 swarna mudras (gold coins), leaving him bewildered,” said Budhadev Pradhan, a former director of the play.

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