Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sisters, beware of the stupid love terror!

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    • Sisters, beware of the stupid love terror!
    • By Dr Purushothama Bharathi, MA, Ph.D
    • During the last one and a half years, the society of Kerala was noticing a new phenomenon that a large number of poor Hindu teen aged girls were falling in love with Muslim youths and getting converted to Islam. The girls who married Muslims and refused conversion were tortured and thrown out after sexual exploitations by the respective Muslims. Initially it was considered the consequences of blind love. But later it was observed that all Muslim boys in love with Hindu girls were having two mobile phones, one of which was given to the girl with a valid sim card. Muslim boys from poor family background were found to be spending money on their Hindu girlfriends and taking them around on the pillion of the bikes of other Muslim boys. At times, it was noticed that when a girl was taken to the house of a Muslim boy in an autorickshaw, the girl was forced to change her dress to a purdah inside the autorickshaw. Activists of the banned SIMI, Campus Front, Popular Front (all are Muslim outfits) are in the forefront to defend and protect the love affairs of the Muslim boys.

      In the meanwhile, few girls who managed to run back home and those thrown out in the streets by the Muslim lovers, filed cases against forced conversion and alimony. The number of cases increased and reports frequently appeared in the newspapers. Then various Hindu communal organisations like Nair Service Society, Ezhava outfits shouted that more than 4,000 Hindu girls were taken away through the love jihad operations of devilish Muslims.

      Syrian Christian Bishops issued circulars and were read in churches, to fight against love jihad and warned parents about the dangers hidden in the fake love of Muslims.
    • The High Court of Kerala called for the remarks of Kerala Government and the DGP of Kerala gave a report that ‘The Police is unaware of an organised Love Jihad Movement’. The present Director General of Police (DGP) of Kerala, Shri Jacob Punnose is a follower of Marxist party and he got that official position by overlooking the seniority of a worthy officer. The Marxists are in alliance with Shri Abdul Nasser Madani, the notorious criminal of Coimbatore bomb blast case and who brought up Tadiyanta Vida Nazir, the South Indian commander of Lashkar-e-Toiba, arrested in Bangladesh and handed over to India.
    • The large number of love jihad cases in the High Court of Kerala filed by broken girls and their families forced the Court to look into the matter very deeply and Justice KT Sankaran observed that ‘Even though the DGP reported that there was no evidence of love jihad, confidential reports of other senior Police officers are very clearly establishing the organised and well funded love jihad operations thriving in high schools and colleges of Muslim managements. This move is vivid in Kasargod, Kannur, Kozhikode and Malappuram districts - all these districts have a high percentage of Muslim population in Kerala.
    • Smart Front is a Muslim organisation working in the Muslim educational institutions to promote love affairs with Hindu girls. The High Court observed that the Smart Front is focusing on forward caste Hindu girls and forward Christian girls especially those studying in professional colleges and working in the IT sector. Muslim Youth Forums, Popular Front, NDF, Campus Front and Muslim Women Organisations like Tashreen Millat and Shaheen Force are also active in love jihad, court observed.
    • High Court also hinted that the above organisations are funded by the local Muslim businessmen and Muslim countries abroad. High Court said that inter caste marriages are not bad; but if conversion to Islam is a must then it is clear that Islam is more valuable than love.

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