Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dal Khalsa (UK) calls for Sikhs to unite & Stop Ashutosh & His Hindutva Cult |

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    • Britain/Ludhiana
    • al Khalsa (UK) calls for Sikhs to unite to stop the Ashutosh led DJJS from holding its proposed meet in Ludhiana on Dec 5-6, which the Dal Khalsa believes was being held with the blessings and support of the RSS and Bharatiya Janta Party. It is an attempt by the Hindu fascist terrorists led by the group RSS of promoting cults and sects that have posed a threat of Guruship to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

      Ashutosh and other deras in Punjab are the part of plan of the Hindu fascists of converting Panjab to Hinduism and bringing it within the Hindutva fold of Hindi,Hindu,Hindustan. These deras are just a front for fascists for training new terrorists in all parts of Panjab.Ashutosh has been clear about his political stand,at his last function Hindutva was the main theme.

      At his last meet DJJS said their is no such thing as Sikhism, that ‘Hindu dhrama’ has many branches and so called Sikhs just a part of the great ‘Hindu samaj’.It was also mentioned that there are some people claiming that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation, “they said “these are agents of Pakistan and the West”.

      “Dal Khalsa would like to clarify that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation.

    • It further says the we need to put up a united stand against Ashutosh as the Sikh nation .Two youths have been already been attacked by Hindu extremists one is in critical condition and other is stable,as the news article above states. Dal Khalsa takes this opportunity to warn the Sikh Nation of dangerous times ahead in the Sikh Homeland in Panjab.
    • May the Guru Bless the Sikh Nation with strength and Chardi Kalla.

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