Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Devraha Baba's indictment enrages seers in Ayodhya - The Times of India

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    • Inclusion of Sant Devraha baba - the ageless Yogi with a secular image - in the list of Babri accused by the Liberhan Commission even though he died two years before the demolition, has set off a spate of holy fury in Ayodhya. In a show of aggressive posturing, two most powerful mahants of the temple town, the president of Ram Janma Bhoomi Trust and Mani Ram Chhavni Nritya Gopal Das and head Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad (ABAP) and Hanuman Garhi temple, Mahant Gyan Das, have sought "public apology from justice Liberhan or be prepared to face the aftermath of his evil doings."

      For records, Mahant Nritya Gopal Das commands unflinching loyalty from more than 2,000 temples in Ayodhya and heads the body empowered to grant holy affiliation, ABAP headed by Mahant Gyan Das is the highest recognised body of seers combining both Shaiv and Vaishnav sects. The Parishad, among other things, charts out the agenda to be followed at the Kumbh congregation.

      "This is a lowly mischief aimed at hurting the sentiments of Hindus," Nritya Gopal Das declared. "Baba was a spiritual guide to everyone from a pauper to the most powerful and was above narrow confines of caste and community. Each saint and guru in Ayodhya is deeply anguished at Liberhan's folly and meetings are being held all across the town to chalk out a retaliatory strategy," he said.

      "Does Justice Liberhan know that the departed saint he slandered so casually in his useless report could quote Quran and Guru Granth Saheb with the same felicity as Gita or Vedas? Or that the list of his callers even included late president Zakir Hussain. Dragging his name in the muck is a sin which needs to be atoned, a visibly disturbed Das said while talking to TOI. The matter, he said, would be taken up by the congregations of saints in Magh Mela at Allahabad in January followed by the Kumbh congregation in Hardwar.

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