Wednesday, December 2, 2009

HINDU SAMHATI: Creation of a New Pakistan in Barrackpore

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    • Mosque to be Revived after 63 Years to enhance anti-Hindu activities in Barrackpore, West Bengal
    • An absolutely dilapidated mosque, named Bhanga Masjid, is situated in Ward no. 3 of Barrackpore town in North 24 Pargana district. It is just on the side of the main railway track of Sealdah – Krishnanagar line. In last 63 years, i.e., after independence, nobody offered Namaz in that mosque as there is no Muslim locality nearby. Before independence, some Muslims used to live here who migrated to Pakistan after partition.
    • In the month of April this year, on one Friday before the Parliamentary Election, some Muslim activists came from distant places and tried to offer Namaz in that dilapidated structure. Local people sensing the mal-intents of these outsiders drove them away. Next Friday, Tarit Baran Topdar, the then local M.P. of CPI(M), came there with a few outsider members of a right-wing Muslim lobby group and his party cadres.
    • Since then, Muslims from distant places come here every Friday noon to offer Namaz. The local people sensing future troble made several representations to I.C. (Police), S.D.O. and District Magistrate and submitted memorandum with mass signature. Their demands are : (1) outsiders should not be allowed to come and offer Namaz as there is no precedence of it, (2) status quo should be maintained, (3) communal harmony should not be allowed to be disturbed. But all efforts were in vain. The S.D.O. misbehaved with the Hindu delegation and told that it is a mosque and he will not be able to stop the Namaz.