Wednesday, December 2, 2009 Dalits make their way to Hindu temple in Odisha

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    Dalits accompanied by Sarvodyaya activists are making their way into the Hindu temple
    • By Manoj Kar
    • In a departure from caste-bound tradition, hundreds of Dalits from an obscure village today made their way into a 900-year-old Hindu temple that that till date had remained out of bounds for them.

      “It was a festive occasion. There was palpable amity and goodwill among the residents of Kisinapur village under Souri gram panchayat. The upper caste people besides Sarvodyaya workers exchanged warm pleasantries as lower caste devotees entered the local Shiva temple. After the deity's darshan, they offered puja,” narrated Sandhyarani Mallick, coordinator of Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust.

      There never existed caste-bound ill-will or the conflict in the backward. However, Dalits were adhering to the tradition and never made their way into temple, Mallick narrated.

    • Kendrapara
    • Later, the villagers cutting across caste spectrum dined together in a grand community feast that was organized to mark the occasion.