Thursday, January 28, 2010

No permanent aman -

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    • R Jagannathan
    R Jagannathan
    • We are told that peace will be facilitated by increased people-to-people interactions. The argument is beguiling. Look, they are simple ghazal-loving, pan-chewing people like us. Indians are always treated like royalty when we visit friends in Pakistan. So let’s ignore the warmongers in our two countries who want us to remain in a permanent state of tension and talk peace.

      The truth is different. The constituency for peace has always been larger in India than in Pakistan. We just want to forget about Pakistan and get on with life. This is exactly what Pakistan’s mullahs and powers-that-be are counting on. And this is why we should be wary of falling into the trap. We refuse to learn from history.

    • We should by now have understood that Pakistan will do anything to gain Kashmir, and so peace talks are just a ruse. This does not mean we shouldn’t hold talks — the atmospherics of peace are important to cater to world opinion — but we should always be prepared for the next round of Pakistani perfidy. Strategically, our goal should be to keep Pakistan off-balance permanently to have at least half-peace.

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