Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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    • In Delhi, foul is fair

    • Anuradha Dutt
    • The city will pay a steep price for the Games
    • Touted as a ‘hallmark event’ because it entails dramatic upgradation of civic amenities in the host city, preparations for the Commonwealth Games seem to have become the hallmark of unilateral decision-making and anti-people policies.
    • However, they continue to blunder along, trampling on Constitutional assurances and public sentiments. The prevailing cynicism reminds one of the run-up to the 1982 Asian Games, intended by the Congress Government to showcase the capital, but, instead, drawing flak because of the immense wastage of public money on building sports stadia that are still sparsely used; displacement of people and ham-handed execution of public works; and, above all, pervasive failure to promote a sporting culture.
    • Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta is reported to have said that special food items would be imported for guests and sportspersons. Beef, which is taboo in our Hindu-majority country, would also be imported. This is utterly shocking since no Government here or its functionaries are expected to provide beef for people at a public event. Is the corollary of this move that India should turn into a beef-eating nation just because the number of foreign visitors will keep growing? No Islamic country would ever consider importing pork, taboo for Muslims, to feed foreigners at a sports meet or some other event. The MCD move should be immediately aborted before India becomes totally servile.
    • And while on food, will wine, women/men and music also get their due? Media reports suggest that informal sanction has been given for escort services to cater to the needs of participants in the Games, official delegates and visitors looking for pleasure. There have been reports of how these agencies are working over time to meet the expected demand. If this were to happen, Delhi would then have truly become a world-class city!

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