Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shourie finds Jinnah repelling

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    • In his 25th book titled "We Must Have No Price And Everyone Must Know That We Have No Price", the former Editor of The Indian Express and The Times of India and ex-union minister "profoundly" disagrees with Jaswant Singh's assessment of Jinnah.
    • The book released yesterday touches upon a variety of issues ranging from internal security, India's Tibet policy, reforms in higher education and climate change.
    • "In a word, far from being attracted by Jinnah, as my senior, Jaswant Singh is, I am repelled by him," he says.


      Shourie also differed with those "who still dream of a grand confederation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh" and who talk of "Akhand Bharat".


      "The best thing that has happened for us is the Partition. It has given us breathing time, a little time to resurrect and save our pluralist culture and religions. Had it not happened, we would have been bullied and thrashed and swamped by Islamic fundamentalists," he says.

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