Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why so much hue and cry when churches were not attacked; HJV

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    • Bhatkal
    • “We condemn the two incidents of churches being attempted to be attacked in Bhatkal taluk, and stringent action should be taken against those who are involved in these incidents. However, it should be noted that no church has been attacked in Bhatkal and only a cross installed in an illegal land was damaged by some miscreants and a glass of a frame of a statue situated out side the church in Taranmakki village in Bhatkal taluk was broken. There was much hue and cry on these petty incidents and media is presenting it as if any church had been attacked or as if any type of vandalism has been made in a church. However, a temple in Bhatkal town was set ablaze and a Jatka idol from a temple in Makhdoom colony was concealed. A back flag was hoisted on a temple. The religious places of Hindus were desecrated, but no action has been taken regarding these incidents, neither any condemnation. The state governor has not mentioned the oppression made on Hindus, during his speech. Despite, the occurrence of many incidents of such types, no condemning statement has appeared and state human right commission has not visited the town. However, when something appear regarding the church, everyone is condemning the incident. Why it is so”, asked Govinda Naik, the north Karnataka convener of Hindu Jagran Vedikke.
    • Bhatkal

    • “Whether it is a temple, mosque or church, the attacks on all the religious places should be condemned. However, it makes no sense on making hue and cry only on name of churches. Everyone is aware that churches were attacked in Mangalore city and mosques and churches were attacked or damaged in other places. However, in Bhatkal except temples no other religious place has been attacked. No mosque in Bhatkal town has been ever stoned nor has any church been treated in such way in the town. If any religious structure in Bhatkal town has been ever targeted than it were only temples”.

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