Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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    • Is it not matter of grave concern that it has taken American Senator Larry Pressler, to voice disappointment that India is not raising a voice about what's happening in Afghanistan, and warn the country that once the US leaves that country, "India is going to have on its border a highly armed loose canon in Pakistan, a rogue state whose government is not what we espouse or support. A rogue Pakistan on steroids of US money"? With Afghanistan back in Pakistan's pocket, Pakistan's military will have at its disposal thousands of jubilant jihadis who it will redirect to achieve victory in Kashmir and, at the same time, create mayhem in the rest of India. Let us not forget that Pakistan has been assiduously preparing the ground for greater jihadi intervention in India. Musharraf, in an interview to Karan Thapar, repeatedly spoke of the role of the LeT in protecting the interests of Indian Muslims. More recently, the way Hamid Mir twisted the reaction of Shiv Sena to Shahrukh Khan's idiotic statements, to appropriate for Pakistan the role of his friend and protector of India's Muslims, shows that, behind fake civil facades, its anti-India agenda remains unabated. The objective of luring more and more Indian Muslims to terror by creating disaffection in them against India is not limited to Pakistan's military alone.

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