Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It does not stop at 49.5 percent - India's bestest Home Minister evah!

    • Yet, media persons covering the Pune terror attack proclaimed in reverent adulation how Chidambaram had "rushed" from Chennai to Pune and how well he handled the aftermath. This handling mainly consisted of a press conference, held in his preferred style, which is essentially a royal sermon. He does not like to be asked questions, setting the boundaries at the get go. The few he chooses to answer, he makes no attempt to hide his contempt towards the questioner, making hand gestures of impatience, his body language reeking of elitism. He drops recycled cliches ("they have to get lucky just once..") and his fanboys in the media lap it all up.

      After Pune, Chidambaram claimed that there had been no intelligence lapses, which is probably true. There had been ample information related to flourishing terror cells in Pune. What was lacking was the political will to act on this information. It is obviously hard to prevent terror attacks, but "you are a sitting duck, too bad" isn't exactly confidence inspiring.

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