Friday, February 26, 2010

On Faith Panelists Blog: Why no Hindu or Buddhist representation? - Aseem Shukla

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    Aseem Shukla
    • co-founder, Hindu American Foundation

      Aseem Shukla

      Associate Professor in urologic surgery at the University of Minnesota medical school. Co-founder and board member of Hindu

    • The U.S. has an Ambassador to the Vatican and Israel, and perhaps, soon, the Muslim world. So we reward those that profess a state religion, persecute infidels in their midsts and laugh off secularism as an irrelevant relic, and we relegate the 1.5 billion adherents of pluralistic, non-proselytizing Dharma religions to no voice at all? Can we reconcile this appeasement to the Muslim world while we deny the agency of religious ambassadorship to India and Thailand, that despite their respective Hindu and Buddhist majorities, maintain democratic and secular governance?

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