Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baptist Press - FIRST-PERSON: Gospel green light in a Mumbai red-light district - News with a Christian Perspective

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    • by Laura Erlanson
    • Our mission was simple and can be found in one chapter of Scripture -- Luke 10. That was our strategy. There was nothing to memorize; there were no bullet points. There was just the simple plan outlined by Jesus Himself. In a nutshell, just go out and meet people. Don't weigh yourself down with extra baggage. And when you find someone who is interested in what you have to say (i.e. a "person of peace"), talk with them. If they invite you into their home, go inside. If they offer you food, eat it. If there is no person of peace in an area, simply move on to the next place.
    • Eventually, we asked her what she knew about Jesus, and what she said has not left my mind since. Here was a woman raised in a religion whose adherents never know where they stand with their god. All the rituals, all the cleansing, all the prayers -- everything can be perfect. And yet there is no assurance that their god is pleased or that he will accept them. And now she is married to a man in a religion with so many gods that no one knows for sure which one to call on today. We asked her, "What do you know about Jesus?"

      "I think Jesus is the best God," she said. We sat there stunned while she continued, "Because when you have other gods, you must do all the rituals, and have all the charms and jewelry. But when Jesus is your God, He is all you need."
    • Laura Erlanson is operations coordinator for Baptist Press.

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