Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Haindava Keralam - global community of dedicated Hindu Keralites with a peace mission

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    • Nivedita
    • When the pseudo secular media says that nudity is common in Indian temples its just for confusing the issues - on whatever temples nude pictures are there, they are not of Gods and Goddesses but are nude human figures.

      Issue is not just of nudity - it is of pervert intention like showing a nude woman on the tail of a monkey and naming it as Sita and Hanuman, or a nude woman in act with lion and naming it as Durga.

      Hindus would not bother if he draws such perverted pictures and secularists want to enjoy that perversion and freedom of expression. But Hindus have all the right to object when he names these pervert pictures with the names of Hindu gods and goddesses.

      For example if his picture of a nude woman on the tail of a monkey he had called it as 'enjoyment' or 'Jannat ki pari', no Hindu would have any objection. As it is his business to be pervert! But if he uses the names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses we have all the right to object to it.

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