Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shadow Warrior: Interesting contrast in Christist behaviour

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    • Interesting contrast in Christist behaviour in a geographic separation of a couple hundred kilometres. In West Punjab, Pakistan where they are a minuscule minority, the christists
      bleat persecution by the Islamists - there is truth to that.

      Across the border, in East Punjab - where apparently the christists have reached critical mass in some districts - christist
      "youth" riot - indulging in wanton destruction of public infrastructure and intimidation of the Hindu community.

      They're allowed a free run in a state where the "Hindu fascist",
      "Communal" BJP is a coalition partner!

      The alleged infraction by an artist is infinitesimallly minor in comparison to the perverted "art" of the MF, Hussain and the hate speech of evangelicals denigrating Indic civilization.
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    • sansk said...

      I wonder if you have noticed, in UK their have come up with a channel where the focus of programming is to convert Panjabi speaking hindus (and sikhs) to Christism.

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