Monday, April 26, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Gujarat Muslims back Modi, flay German team

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    • The United Force for Peace & Harmony has condemned the delegation’s derogatory comments about the alleged ‘persecution’ of Muslims in Gujarat under Modi. “Such remarks would widen the rift among communities in Gujarat,” said Parsoli Corporation chairman and managing director Jafar Sareshwala.

      He, along with some other prominent Muslims, has formed the United Force for Peace & Harmony.

      Parsoli Corporation is known among the Muslim community for running a share-broking entity that deals with what he calls ‘Shariat-compliant’ business houses. Sareshwala’s family had suffered huge losses during the 2002 post-Godhra riots but he virtually rose from the ashes to rebuild his business empire, which provides devout Muslims with options to invest in

      ‘Shariat-compliant’ shares, broadly meaning companies that do not deal with activities and products forbidden in the Shariat.
    • In a memorandum sent to the German Ambassador in India, the organisation said Gujarat has the second highest per capita madrasas, indicative of the religious freedom the Muslims.

      “We have full faith in our democratic institutions and judiciary, which are enough to solve them,” according to a statement by the United Force for Peace & Harmony. It clarified that Muslims of Gujarat do not require any outside (read German) intervention.

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