Monday, April 26, 2010

Retaining Civilizational Memory | General | Vigil

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    • Vigil - General Written by Shiv Shakti  
    • The events related to partition are made to fade out of the public memory. As partition and the price of partition extracted from the Hindus fades out of the collective memory, Hindus become more and more vulnerable to repetition of such attacks which is political, social and economic in nature. A community is deprived of its history to rob it from its collective identity and any sense of unity. Such a process is aimed at ideologically disarming the community in face of mounting challenges and attacks.
    • In the light of the past experiences and current challenges Hindus need to strategize themselves in the wider civilizational context. 14 August may be chosen as the day representing one of the most recent tragedies which make us to see the necessity of keeping its memories alive. Lacs of lives were sacrificed, many times that number were uprooted, raped and looted. We need to remember the day lest such events are not repeated in future. Let's join to mark the day by contributing to build a vigilant society which never allows such tragedies to recur.

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