Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Maoist Christians « Indian Realist

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    • It seems the Niyogi Committe report was right after all — it warned the Nehru government to get the missionaries out of the tribal areas otherwise they will christianise the tribals and start an armed rebellion among them against India and turn them traitors to the land. 

      The idiot Nehru, of course, threw the report in the bin when US and UK — the very countries who were sending these missionaries to India — protested. Nehru, always hungry for the White man’s approval, immediately obliged by rejecting the report. The results of that vain man’s stupidity are now coming to bite us.

    • Want to read the Niyogi Committe report yourself, with commentary by Sita Ram Goel? Click here.
    • Where religions of peace aren’t
      A Maoist-Christian nexus complicates the Hindu-Christian struggle 
      Jill Nelson
    • “Those hot-headed youth who are unable to take the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ and who are impatient say, ‘We will join the Maoists because the oppression is horrible,’” the pastor said.

      Mangalwadi says Christians in India need to define their relationship with Maoists who have been supporting evangelicals there for some time. Frontline evangelists, for example, are escorted into the jungle to show the Jesus film. Halfway through the film, it is stopped for a lecture on Maoism and is then resumed.

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