Saturday, April 24, 2010

Organiser - Savarkar's untold story

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    • Savarkar's untold story
      Interviews with Savarkar film-maker and his son
      By Anil Nair
    • Ved Rahi
    • Ved Rahi is a film-maker whose genre is uncommon. He made a full-length feature film on Savarkar without even the elementary financial backing of a producer. People from all over the country contributed with their small amounts of even Rs 100, which finally helped him make his dream project come true.
    • Mahatma Gandhi with Savarkar in the film Savarkar
    • Ved Rahi
    • >What about Savarkar countenancing the two-nation theory?

      That is another bit of fiction that is doing the rounds. Savarkar?s poems which are so soul-wrenching dealt with nationalism and Akhand Bharat and he unequivocally rejected the two-nation theory. It is amusing to see that a person like Mahatma Gandhi who all his life swore that partition of the country will be over his dead body, finally gave in. But today politicians attribute the two-nation theory to people like Savarkar who were staunchly against it. Very funny.

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