Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hindu Nationalists in India Plan 'Religious Cleansing', Religion Today News, Commentary

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    Hindu Nationalists in India Plan 'Religious Cleansing'
    • Shireen Bhatia

      Compass Direct News

    • Hindu nationalist organizations in Madhya Pradesh state have declared their intentions to rid Mandla district of all Christian influence by starting preparations for a large "reconversion" event next year.

      A similar event in Dangs district, Gujarat state in 2006 was filled with Christian hate speech. As a result of anti-Christian sentiment stirred at the April 22 ground-breaking ceremony for the Madhya Pradesh "reconversion" rally to be held next February, Hindu nationalists attacked a house church in the district's Bamhni Banjar village on May 2, Christian leaders said.

      More than 100 Hindu devotees from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra attended the ground-breaking ceremony in Mandla, reported Patrika newspaper. A source present disclosed that leaders announced a list of objectives to be achieved before the festival, with one prominent agenda item being to drive away Christian pastors, evangelists and foreign aid workers from the district.
    • Kumbh Damage

      Organizers of the kumbh hope for some 2 million participants, though attendance at such events often falls short of projections.

      Originally the kumbh was a gathering of holy men to discuss Hinduism. Since then Hindu nationalists led by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have steered the traditional definition toward their own ends. RSS leader Mukund Rao said the "social kumbh" began in 2006 with the Shabri Kumbh in Dangs, Gujarat - described as an attempt to counter the influence of foreign Christian workers in the area. It resulted in propaganda against Christians and heightened tensions.

    • A Compact Disc produced by the Shabri Kumbh Samaroh Aayojan Samiti (Organizing Committee) entitled "Shri Shabri Kumbh 2006: Spirituality along with the Wave of Patriotism," was banned by the Supreme Court of India because it incites "Hindus against the Christian community and suggests that Christians be attacked and beheaded."

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