Sunday, May 9, 2010

Organiser - Instead of fighting terrorism, UPA is busy inventing Hindu terror

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    • Togadia Speak
    • Instead of fighting terrorism, UPA is busy inventing Hindu terror
    • By Dr Pravin Togadia
      • We must control population which is a deterrent in the nation’s development. (Umpteen number of government people have said it time and again. But Hindus do not get ration for the third child and those who produce unlimited children and refuse to control population are further given reservations and even financial help with the money paid by those Hindus who do family control for nation’s development!)

      • Indian Constitution must be respected. (But we would make constitutional changes for giving Muslim reservations!). Human rights must not be violated (only of Kashmiri Muslims! Hindus, army and police in Kashmir have no human rights?).

    • Bharat has a unique peculiarity. Bharat waits much longer than any other country for good things to happen. People in Bharat have intrinsic faith not just in Bhagwan but also in goodness within human beings. Therefore, instead of concluding anyone’s remarks as untrue or dishonest, Bharat waits and gives time to all those to make those good things happen. In 1947 when Bharat became independent from the British Raj, the then ruling party promised good governance. Bharat waited much longer. That party ruled for almost 30 years. Bharat waited for Hindu progress because the worse affected during British Raj and even before in Muslim Raj was Hindu! From work to trade and from temples to various laws-everything that was Hindu, was demolished. Few Hindus were doing well due to local reasons, but as a whole, Hindu was in a total bad shape. Shadow of Partition wounds was there (is still there on Hindus in Bharat and in Pak!), but Bharat waited. After 30 years, Bharat woke up to the fact that there was no point in only helplessly watching churches grow at the cost of Hindus, Muslims get more and more concessions that too at the cost of Hindu pockets, Hindu monuments and temples being called disputed lands_ Bharat woke up. Bharat realised that poverty eradication, green revolution etc were slogans. Few people’s poverty was eradicated, but that flow did not reach the common man.
    • Bharat is watching! Such sacrificing people make Bharat. Only hanging Kasab is not enough. He should not even get a chance of appeal or mercy because as per our Constitution these are rights only for Indian citizens. He and Afzal Guru must be hanged immediately. Perhaps government would do so promptly with Kasab, but without attacking Pak (another diplomatic and vote greed double game!) but at the same time government would slap more and more cases on Hindus and Hindu organisations! Political balancing for votes is more important these days than safety of Bharat. But Bharat is watching all the double games!

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