Sunday, May 9, 2010

When traitors seize power « Indian Realist

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    • That a fundamental reversal of a 60-year-old policy should have been taken without any consultation with civil society and any meaningful debate is itself scandalous. What compounds the offence is that a decision of this magnitude should have been taken for the flimsiest of reasons. In 1990, VP Singh decided to accept the Mandal Commission report because he wanted to puncture a public rally that his troublesome Deputy Prime Minister Devi Lal was planning. Last week, the Congress president grandly signalled her acceptance of caste enumeration in the Census because that would iron out the rough edges of the party’s troubled relations with caste-based parties, both inside the UPA coalition and in the larger ‘secular’ world.

      A decision that will change the basic structure of Indian politics, the Hindu faith and even have a bearing on the economy was taken remarkably casually. The final decision was left solely to an individual who was perhaps unaware of the earlier turbulence in India when caste was superimposed into the Census. Civil society was neither consulted, nor did either the Government or the Opposition suggest that such a decision shouldn’t be taken in a hurry and for petty, collateral considerations.

    • A most debilitating social regression was put into effect because India’s leaders were too intellectually lazy to comprehend the consequences of what they had done.

      The re-definition of Hindu society along officially-recognised caste lines will alter the landscape of India. The use of caste numbers to drive a hard political bargain was earlier based on bluff, now it will be based on tangible numbers — an escalation in the stakes. For 60 years and more, a galaxy of Indian modernists tried to either rise above caste or keep this social institution confined to the rituals of marriage and mourning. Now, at a stroke, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi have put caste into the centre-stage. From now on, Indians will once again be defined by their caste and politics will follow the mobilisation of caste.

      Just when India seemed poised for bigger things, a hidden hand emerged from nowhere to drag the country down again. The country will pay a huge price for the Congress’ coalition management skills. It may be so high that there won’t be much of an India left.

    • This “caste policy” was introduced by the British as a way of social engineering after the 1857 revolt. Their objective was to fragment Hindu society into water-tight compartments and ensure that they remain in a state of mutual hostility . But such a policy being adopted by an Indian party after independence is nothing but treason.

      Notice that while Hindus will be asked their caste by census commissioners, no provision has been made to ask Muslims and Christians which sect they belong to — Shia or Sunnir or Ahmadias; or Protestants, Catholics or Seventh Day Adventists. This shows the agenda of Congress.

      The presiding deity of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, is a shady character with foriegn linkages. Seeing her recent desisions, I am convinced beyond doubt that she is a plant into the Gandhi family and is taking orders from the Americans and the Church to further their interests in India to the detriment of the pagans. Infiltrating christians into pagan ruling families is an old Christian trick that was well played in Europe when it was being Christianised through force and deception.

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