Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Few Facts about religions

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    • One Christ,
      One Bible,
      One Religion

      You know the Latin Catholic will not enter Syrian Catholic Church.
    • Like this there are 146 castes in Kerala alone
      for Christianity,
       each will never share their churches for fellow Christians.. !

      One Christ, One Bible, One Jehova.....
      What a unity!
    • Islam

      One Allah,
      One Quran,
      One Nebi....!
      Great unity!

      Among Muslims,
      Shia and Sunni kill each other  in all the Muslim countries.

      The religious riot in most Muslim countries  is always between these two sects.

      The Shia will not go to Sunni Mosque.

      These two will not go to  Ahamadiya Mosque.

      These three will not go to Sufi Mosque.

      These four will not go to Mujahiddin mosque...

      Like this it appears there are 13 castes in Muslims.
    • One Allah,
      One Quran,
      One Nebi....!
       Great unity!

      All Muslims
      are not Terrorists,
       all Terrorists are Muslims.

      60% of
      all victims of Muslim terrorism are Muslims.
    • Hinduism

      1,280 Religious Books,
      10,000 Commentaries,
      more than one lakh sub-commentaries
      for these foundation books,
      330 million gods,
      variety of Aacharyas,
      thousands of Rishies,
      hundreds of languages...

      still everyone goes to the
      SAME TEMPLE ...
      whether unity is for Hindus or others?

      Hindus never quarreled each other  for the last ten thousand years in the name of religion.

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