Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RSS inspires BJP training plan- Hindustan Times

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    • Vikas Pathak, Hindustan Times
    • The BJP is all set to go the RSS way, so far as training is concerned. The party will train its activists in residential camps like those for RSS volunteers.

      The RSS camps are called Pratham Varsh (first year), Dwitiya Varsh (second year) and the advanced Tritiya Varsh (third year), the last being a one-month course. Here, they are given physical (sharirik) and ideological (bauddhik) training. BJP activists will undergo similar — though less rigorous — training from June-end.

      There will be three camps beginning with a three-day entry-level camp to a five-day advanced one, and there will be holistic health (yoga) and ideological and skill development sessions on the lines of sharirik and bauddhik training.
      The aim: to train 1,000 activists a year.

      National executive member Alok Kumar is preparing the curriculum, which will be presented at the upcoming national executive in Patna.

      BJP chief Nitin Gadkari’s aide Vinay Sahasrabuddhe — who has conducted similar experiments in Maharashtra - is taking keen interest in the programme.

      “Under the skill improvement programme, we will train activists to make use of the RTI Act, use e-methods in BJP work and hone their public speaking skills,” Kumar said. “There will also be a session on the ideology and distinctiveness of the BJP, and on what kind of activist we want ...”

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